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Why do Job Seekers like Rep Sheets?

Rep Sheets are one-page, numerical, standardized & certified

One-page:  Clear & Concise

Numerical:  Top 25% talent have top numbers

Standardized:  Stand out quickly from average talent

Certified:  DocuSign sales numbers as accurate  

Why Job Seekers use Rep Sheets?


Hiring managers pay significantly more cash to Job Seekers with Black Tiger” Rep Sheets. 

Top 5% talent is paid a premium.  

In 2022, one Black Tiger” Rep Sheet candidate went from:

130K base / 260K ote to 175K base / 350K ote

34% YoY increase in base salary 


“Black Tiger” Rep Sheets stand out & get 10x the interviews that sales resumes get!

If you are Top 5% sales talent, show off those top annual numbers and stand out with a “Black Tiger” Rep Sheet.  

Do not hide your top numbers with words or boring, day-to-day job responsibilities that busy executives never read.

Process for Job Seeker​


You fill out online form for Rep Sheet (free)


We send you a DocuSign (free)


You DocuSign it (free)


You send it to any company you like (free)


We can send it to any of our 50+ clients @ Champion Recruiting (free)

Why sell yourself with a Rep Sheet?

Rep Sheets are designed for the “Buyer” in the interview process.  Resumes are for you.

Rep Sheets vs Sales Resumes?

Rep Sheets contain over 100 attributes NOT on Sales Resumes

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