Rep Sheets, SE Sheets & W2 Sheets

W2 Sheets are a Game Changer!

In 2022, the new W2 Sheets are a game changer.  Data is ACCURATE.  Data is certified by us.

Candidates cannot stretch, fudge or flat-out lie about their numbers.  We are now policing resumes.  Accurate data in, accurate hiring out.  Billions saved.  Game over.

W2s and salaries BEFORE sales interviews even begin.  Top 25% hunters are proud of their high W2s.  Candidates certify it once in lifetime with us; not every job move.  High W2s greater than total salary in career is harbinger of future performance.  How much time & money does that key data save a hiring exec a year?  

In sales, one either makes their annual numbers or they don’t.  It’s not that complicated.  

Don’t even have to ask for the hard data anymore.  We tightened your bib & cracked the lobster claws for you.

“Black Tiger” GOLD certified W2 Sheet is the best of the best.

A top 5% sales talent with last 5 years of numbers certified by us.  Easy to spot on one-page.  Hard to find in nature.

The banks fixed bad loans with credit reports.  Time will tell if businesses fix bad hires with Rep Sheets.

Equal pay for all happens when salaries & W2s are 100% visible.  Time will tell if HR depts fix salary inequalities with W2 Sheets. 

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